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Aco Stankovski

A week ago the northeastern suburbs of Skopje and the surrounding villages, were hit by a terrible disaster. Scenes like the biblical flood. Everyone who found themselves under this – as I experts say – water bomb, with the force of a nuclear bomb, faced harrowing experiences, given the enormous energy that produced 800 lightning strikes, plus the power of the air masses and the water that poured on a rather small are. In fact, the incredible concentration of water that has hit that particular area is startling.

The devastation caused by this storm is enormous, especially the number of human casualties.

There hasn’t been such a major natural disaster since the 1963 earthquake in Skopje. But does this omen happened naturally and spontaneously by the means of flood elements, put in a daunting constellation, or there are some other agents, which in the zones of the always skeptical awareness of the truthful researcher, mean an attempt to investigate all possible insinuations and clues, no matter how fantastic or imaginative they looked at first glance.

However, to pour 105 liters of water per square meter in one area, rather limited (for example, in Stajkovci) and only a few kilometers southeast to fall only five liters per square meter in the same time interval, it sounds almost unbelievable, as if some invisible force has concentrated all the regional cyclone activity in a relatively limited space.

Also, some meteorologists, as well as professionals in managerial positions in institutions for prevention of crises who scrupulously observed and analyzed this natural disaster, were truly amazed, even shocked by the conclusions, by tracing the character and behavior of the storm, including all parameters and drawing conclusions based on rigorous scientific methods, which in its final effect led to controversial conclusions.

For all of them it was a paradoxical, concentrated fall of enormous amounts of water in a relatively small place (like the shower), while blowing wind of 70 mph.

So the clouds full of moisture, instead of moving to the southeast, blown by strong winds, they stand and pour water without any significant developments. Even as if new wet atmospheric drifts have gathered, despite the strong air stream and as if the clouds have gone against the wind, attracted by some invisible force.

Some religious leaders rushed to interpret this local but deadly and terribly devastating flood as punishment from God and immediately began with didactic sermons, using quotations from its dogmatic literature.

But was this is really the will of God or only God permission versus the free will of man or of an association, again, created by the people, as a system, which coordinates policy and technology? Or better, was some entity – the embodiment of a political will, using the technology to cause dynamic mechanism of punishing a certain country and people for their disobedience?

This assumption leads us directly to the conspiracy theory, which in more recent times observes the so-called Harp system, a tech device, which was launched during the time of the research and experiments of Nikola Tesla.

Supposedly, this ingenious scientist – Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th and 21st century – as scientific adepts call him , when he realized that some of his innovations and discoveries can be used for violence and war, he destroyed these projects for the FBI not to get them and incorporate them into the war-industrial complex of the United States. But, probably, the process of destruction of the documents was not completely carried out.

Back in the 1970s, Americans and Russians experimented with this system for climate wars, and it is assumed that today this technology is very advanced, and that besides the United States and Russia, the Chinese and the British have it.

In the recent years there were such disasters in Serbia and Bosnia, and now in Macedonia. It is symptomatic that all these countries were on the “line of fire” – as the US Secretary of State, John Kerry said – when talking about the new geopolitical relations in Europe.