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DM Jolevski to hold meetings at White House, State Department and Pentagon


Macedonia’s Defense Minister, Zoran Jolevski, is to meet on Friday in Washington with representatives of the White House, the Department of Defense and the State Department.

Jolevski said that the United States are observing both the migrant crisis in the Balkans, and Macedonia’s work to continue its Euro-Atlantic integrations.

“During my visit to Washington I met with representatives of Congress, think-tank groups and during the stay I will meet with the White House Special Assistant Celeste Wallander, and with the State and Defense Departments. I attended a German Marshall Fund and Senate round table on the situation in Europe, particularly with regard to the migrant crisis. During all these meetings, we discussed the issue of Macedonia’s integration in NATO and the European Union, and we also discussed the regional situation, and Macedonia’s political situation”, Minister Jolevski said.

The Defense Minister also addressed a round table at the US Congress, together with a large number of congressmen and renowned Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain. At this conference, Jolevski stressed that it is important to speed up the integration of the Balkan countries in NATO and the EU, and that Macedonia needs to realize the NATO membership invitation as soon as possible.