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Donev: Gruevski’s asylum in an EU and NATO member state proves that there is political persecution in Macedonia


The approval of Nikola Gruevski’s political asylum request in Hungary is a clear proof that there is political persecution going on in Macedonia, says professor Jovan Donev in an interview. Gruevski sent out a letter to a number of EU and Council of Europe officials detailing the abuse of justice that were going on in the many criminal cases which Government influenced prosecutors initiated against him and most of his associates, and calling for the appointment of an EU led mission of independent judges which would investigate this series of cases, meant to weaken the main opposition party and to push through the renaming of the Republic of Macedonia into North Macedonia.

– This letter, addressed to Mogherini, Mijatovic, Daul and Hahn should be seen as letters from a man who believes he was unjustly sentenced and who demands help from the European institutions. But it is also a letter from a former Prime Minister of Macedonia, addressing European officials who he has long worked with pointing out the deficiencies of the judicial system in Macedonia. As a person who is facing political persecution he is pointing out the duplicity of European politicians, and it is working! The fact that a Macedonian politician received political asylum in a state that is a member of EU and NATO, clearly shows that there is no independent judiciary in Macedonia at his moment, and validates claims from the Macedonian opposition that it is under a politically driven assault, Donev told Economic Leader in his interview.

In his letter, Gruevski said that judges live in fear of the Government and of what will happen to them if they don’t participate in the political persecution against VMRO-DPMNE.

– Following the take over of power by our political competitors, they have assumed total control over the media and the judiciary, and especially in the Criminal Court which leads the cases against us. Loyal judges were appointed to this court by the Government, in violation of existing laws, and they engaged in discriminatory judicial cases against a number of us, declaring us guilty without even having basic evidence. If judges from any European country with an advanced judicial system were to examine these cases, I’m certain they would recommend they are thrown out, Gruevski writes. Marathon court hearings meant to prevent the defense teams from preparing, multiple cases based on unlawfully recorded wiretaps which should be inadmissible as evidence and open collusion between the courts and the politically appointed prosecutors are some of the examples Gruevski has listed in his letter.