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Dorms according to EU standards: Goce Delcev dorm gets new look (photo)


As of next academic year, students staying at the Goce Delcev dormitory will have appropriate conditions to stay in a dorm like their colleagues of the most developed countries in EU, writes.


The reconstruction of this dorm, the first after several decades, is being carried out intensively. There are construction workers and dust, materials all over the building. The team visited the dorm to see how the work is progressing and assured that this will be one of the best dorms in the country.


The job of the workers is facilitated since most of the students have gone to their hometowns, so they can work in the building with no interruptions.


At the moment, Block A is being reconstructed completely. New windows, electric installation, toilettes, floors etc. are being installed. Dormitory officials are hoping that most of the construction works will be completed by fall, and students will gradually be transferred to Block B, which has already been renovated.


“As we entered the Block B, we immediately noticed that a lot of work has been done. New elevators have been installed, and the rooms resemble small hotel suites. New beds, windows, desks, mini-refrigerators and kitchenette, new radiators,” writes.


All rooms have wireless internet, and video surveillance system has been mounted in the hallways in order to prevent the damage made by some reckless residents.


The reading room where students study for their exams has been also renovated, and new computers and a printer have been provided. Moreover, the library now provides new textbooks in Macedonian and Albanian language.


Blocks C and D, are next in line for renovation, and are closed, and are unavailable for accommodating students. The whole reconstruction of this dorm, with a capacity of 303 beds, is planned to be over by next year. All other student dorms are also under construction, whereas the Medicinar dorm will not be renovated, but built all over again, since it is in really bad condition.