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Dua Lipa to perform in Skopje ahead of name-change referendum!


World famous singer, originally from Kosovo, Dua Lipa will perform in a major concert in Skopje ahead of the referendum on changing the name of Macedonia and joining NATO. Sources of “Skopje Info” say that the concert has not been officially confirmed, but the negotiations are in their final phase.

The event is planned to take place several days before the referendum, and Dua Lipa will be hosted by the largest Albanian political party that participates in the government, according to “Skopje Info” sources.

One of the most popular pop singers in the world, Dua Lipa will perform in Skopje in support of Macedonia’s path to change the name and the Euro-Atlantic integrations. The funds for the concert will be provided by the Albanian diaspora, “Skopje Info” reports.