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DUI: Conclusion of the official use of Albanian language


For the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), conclusion of the official use of Albanian language in Macedonia in accordance with the Ohrid Framework Agreement is one of the main pillars of the 2020 Platform for the early parliamentary polls in December.

A separate law on the use of Albanian language in the new Parliament should be adopted, Artan Grubi, DUI’s frontrunner in the first electoral district, told a news conference on Wednesday.

Per the Constitution, Albanian is the second official language in the country. “However, years of experiences have pointed out that the largest Macedonian parties have been breaching the Constitution by failing to show readiness to settle this open issue of the Ohrid Treaty,” Grubi said stating that the Macedonian parties should make efforts to appropriately implement Amendment V of Article 7 of the Constitution.

According to DUI’s 2016-2020 programme, the separate law will regulate the right of the citizens to speak Albanian in central institutions, the right to translation of by-laws, the process to automatically issue personal documents in Albanian, the procedure for parliamentary sessions to be held in Albanian, standardization of the use of official languages of all public signs, the use of the language in judiciary, etc.

“No one should be afraid of equality, which becomes reality after December 11,” Grubi told the news conference.