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Education Union strike fails


Most schools across Macedonian opened on Tuesday, despite the union call for a general strike. Teachers in schools in the cities of Kumanovo, Gostivar and Strumica have joined the strike, while in all other cities schools opened according to schedule, after the winter break.

The strike was initiated by Union of Education, Science and Culture (SONK) and was mostly respected in Kumanovo and Strumica – municipalities governed by opposition party SDSM, while his organizers are facing problems in other places.

Except for these two municipalities, SONK’s strike was a debacle in all other municipalities. In the course of the past past week most of the elementary and secondary schools teachers informed SONK president Jakim Nedelkov they will not be part of his personal fight for another term in office, since they believe the strike is driven by indecent and unrealistic demands.

Even some of the local union leaders said that they do not support the strike. Ace Reckoski, who leads SONK in Ohrid, said that there are no plans to strike in Ohrid, and that all issues should be resolved through negotiations. In Kocani and in Stip, municipal and union representatives said that the schools opened on time.

The high school in Debar supports the strike, while in the largest elementary school, some of the teachers are on strike, while others are working. Mayors and the Education and Science Ministry announced they will hire replacement teachers so that lessons can continue, if the SONK call causes disruptions in the start of the second half of the school year.