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Elections – only way out of political crisis – VMRO-DPMNE confirms its statehood


Dr. Bona Lazar Bajraktarova, University Professor

Elections are the only way out of the political crisis, and with the last act – the dissolution of Parliament, as a confirmation of the agreed /adopted by  Parliament – ELECTIONS of June 5 – VMRO-DPMNE has confirmed its seriousness, consistency of attitudes; Its statehood- as a political party. The party, which is receiving the trust of the people (the majority) more times in a row is not by accident. Aside the opposition’s / strategic / manipulation!

VMRO-DPMNE (and leader Nikola Gruevski) made compromises, several times now. Some at their own risk, to the discontent of their voters. But their approach was CONSTRUCTIVE! And now, with the last act (the dissolution of Parliament) – the party showed that the tolerance of others (party / opposition) whims have – must have a (decent) limit! If, thinking of the state and the citizens. With their determination (they constructively cooperated with European officials, Mr. Han, Mr. Orav…) they showed that Macedonia is a country with its indigenous policy! As a reflection – of their sovereignty; just like every other country that stands / primarily / behind its interests.

For almost two years, the state has been “hit by the CRISIS” declared in five to 19:00h on April 27, 2014! When Zaev and the current SDSM leadership saw that the false pre-election euphoria that they nurtured – was indeed false, consciously supported! By them – personally! They started the “crisis” consciously, without thinking about the impact on the people and the state (regardless if the destructive idea was “indigenous”), although their leader Zaev publicly and frankly admitted (on TV 24 News) that they would have lost the elections (2014) anyway! (only the difference would have been smaller ???) Sufficient EVIDENCE that eliminates any further debate on the justification of all the nonsense they have done / caused in the state! A serious political party with real state building capacity (now they themselves ceased to use this compliment) does not act like that – IRRESPONSIBLY! SDSM wanted, requested early elections, but NOW – DOES NOT WANT! Do you take this seriously? No, same as the reasons that they are constantly providing are not serious !