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Energy in motion


Budimka Popovska

Recently Forbes has declared the five most powerful people in the world.

They are:

Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Pope Francisco and Angela Merkel.

The well versed perfectly know that the aforementioned are just puppets. Who really has the power?

The broad masses of people?

Of course. Unity, togetherness, and the sense of wholeness, believe it or not, are the sources of power.
Everyone has a story to tell. For example, the above list is losing weight without the name of Oprah or Zuckerberg on it …

Everyone from the “masses” has his name, biography, predisposition for happiness, sense of responsibility or guilt and has been brainwashed at some point. After all, everyone is the blacksmith of his own fortune …

Choose before the choice choose you. Is it possible?
And how!
Avoid cynicism for breakfast.

Instead mix you cereals with a good thought and positive vibration. And watch less news in order to make it sound less pathetic…Otherwise, you will start to wonder, why they and according to which criteria?

Are these the countries that possess the most powerful nuclear weapons? Or brain?
What is power and how it can be obtained? What is power?

It is said that the greatest fear that lies in the subconscious of man is the fear of his own, but hidden power.
The “hidden” is something like a potential energy. Or something like unconscious potential. Or hidden talent. It is the life story of Susan Boyle who overnight, with the help of a reality show, gained worldwide fame because suddenly a thought struck her that maybe she had a good voice and that the audience might like her singing. And what did she do before that? Kept chickens? Was she some mediocre local entrepreneurial? Did she sell hair ornaments in which she put dried flowers from the garden of her deceased grandmother?

Anyway, it is necessary to wipe away the dust and put the potential into operation, into motion. The kinetic energy, or “the energy in motion”, is the energy that creates miracles.

There is such a definition of emotions, that they are the very energy in motion. Speaking about that, it is a real little miracle how many human emotions depend on hormones. From chemistry. For example, cranberry juice increases good mood.

Caffeine -makes waking up less of a struggle

Alcohol – can alter the consciousness

Nicotine – reduces pain and relives tension.

Food is associated with the feeling of satiety and hunger. One can be fed and fat, and unhappy. You may be hungry, not very fat and full. How? Can the chain of cause and effect relationships sometimes break? Or feelings have front and back? Which are the reverse perspectives of emotions?

Happiness, satiety, nausea, frustration, suffering, guilt, joy, anticipation, punishment, trembling, sacrifice, reward, and more. Some are feelings, and some are states or situations caused by the dramatic charge of emotions.

For instance, older people say that it is not good for man to eat with some hidden negative emotions inside him such as anger or hatred. If he eats in such a condition, the food will turn into poison. There are occasions when people in the concentration camps were given poison to drink, but because of their strong will and positive thought it could not affect them, but this does not mean that it is a rule which  the pharmaceutical companies and the food industry may benefit from. On the contrary, it is the exception that proves the rule.

And what should the stray dogs say? Or the homeless people? They will be perfectly fine even if the entire contents of a container end up in their stomach. Or those left on their own … for them food is not a symbol of reward or punishment, but simply -food. Such people have a precious chance to draw strength through spartan eating methods, but only if the myth “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”, comes from the frames of mythology without ending up in kind of a vaccine against seasonal flu …