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Environmental group blames Kavadarci mayor Jancev of deliberately spraying water on air pollution measuring station to rig its results


An environmentalist group from Kavadarci blamed mayor Mitko Jancev of deliberately ordering the spraying of the local station used to measure air pollution with water so that it will read out lower concentrations of PM10 cancer causing particles.

Jancev made a big show of an improvised system in which a tractor was used to pull a water pump through Kumanovo, spraying water along the city streets. Jancev said that the inexpensive system, which he loaned from his own company, immediately helped lower the pollution caused by the thick smoke from wood and coal burnt for heating, which is covering most Macedonian cities every evening during the winter. Jancev was quick to brag with the results of the “artificial rain” he caused on his Facebook page.

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But, Eco Alarm, an environmentalist group from this industrial city, blamed Jancev of ordering the tractor to keep making circles at one point in Kavadarci – right in front of the station used to measure the most dangerous particles released by burning wood and coal.

– Between 20:30 and 20:55 we witnesses aggressive spraying of the station. In mere 25 minutes, the tractor circled around the station three times while a fire station vehicle, also spraying water, covered it four times, the group said, which also released video to prove its claims. “This artificially reduced the readings in the station – PM10 concentrations dropped from 297 micrograms per cubic meter at 18h to just 50 at 21h. It didn’t rain all day, but the area around the station looks like it has been soaked for days”, Eco Svest said in its press release. Spraying of the station continued overnight.

The group demands that Jancev stops this “stupid manipulation” immediately and begins to look for real solutions to the problem, that would affect the entire city and not just the one place where air pollution is being measured.