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Nenad Mircevski

Incapable of developing a program that would win the affections of the citizens, SDSM has been transformed into a party-hostage of a radical wing, which, in turn, has openly surrendered itself into the embrace of foreign centers of power  believing they would do its job and return it to power after a decade in opposition. The relationship of interest between its current leadership and the ambassadors was not used to restore the trust of the citizens, but rather was misused to boost hatred and incite revenge against anyone with different opinion.

The ethnomasochism that was prompted by the SDSM leaders was accepted by the opposition media, the quasi-experts and analysts who have been continually humiliating the Macedonian citizens by addressing them with insulting words (stupid, idiots, jerks, dummies, fools …) The followers of the radical stream at the same time opened a front with all people with different opinions in every field – they went into war with the media that are not under their control, they threaten bankers and businessmen, argued with almost all ideologically like-minded people to whom the national interests are still more important than the personal and the party’s, they rejected even the fellow party members from SDSM in order to “kill” any progressive thought within the party that threatens the fulfillment of their radical scenario … Of the entire civil society they remained on good terms only with the underworld and the criminals who will expect their share of the pie after the complete breaking of the state system.

The greater the provocations, the stronger the hatred among the people. The stronger the tension, the greater the chances the situation to get out of control and chaos to begin to reign. It is the aim of SDSM’s radicals, who at all costs are trying to escape from facing the people.

Thus, the “open-minded opposition members” that wished the officers in Kumanovo dead, now celebrated the arrest of Edmond Temelko, greeting and cheering over the beating of the head of the World Macedonian Congress Todor Petrov … and their lunacy goes as far as to openly call for bloodshed on the streets… The more radical they are, the faster they progress in the structures of the party. Now, they spread the ethnomasochism, which they were ashamed of and which they denied earlier, with great pleasure. The aim is to completely break the resistance of the citizens to be able to match all public institutions with these anti-state structures.

Hence, it is easy to conclude that the attempts to impose collective psychosis to amputate the national consciousness not only will last until June 5, but also afterwards… Spreading hatred not only will not fade away, but also will be strongly encouraged.

However, the main problem of the radical opposition members is that the attempt to seize power by force might backfire on them. If the citizens are provoked to take to the streets to regain control over the country, it will not be a revolution, but a counter-revolution. Therefore, those who seek blood should be very careful what they wish for, because they just might get it.