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EU confirms Hahn received Gruevski’s letter detailing abuse of the Macedonian judiciary


European Union spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic confirmed today that EU officials have received the letter from former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, in which he details the systemic abuse of the Macedonian judiciary for attacks on opposition leaders and opponents of the SDSM Government.

– We saw that Gruevski has sent letters to members of the international community, including the EU. As you know, the EU can’t comment or intervene in on-going judicial procedures, Kocijancic told Pressing TV. She confirmed that EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn read the letter.

In the letter, Gruevski calls for the dispatch of a European mission of judges who would examine the many criminal cases which prosecutors under the influence of the Government initiated against opposition officials.

– Following the take over of power by our political competitors, they have assumed total control over the media and the judiciary, and especially in the Criminal Court which leads the cases against us. Loyal judges were appointed to this court by the Government, in violation of existing laws, and they engaged in discriminatory judicial cases against a number of us, declaring us guilty without even having basic evidence. If judges from any European country with an advanced judicial system were to examine these cases, I’m certain they would recommend they are thrown out, Gruevski writes in his letter addressed to Hahn, EU foreign policy representative Federica Mogherini, EPP party President Joseph Daul and other European officials.