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EUR 2 million grant for procurement of photovoltaic systems for 35 municipalities


Kindergartens, municipal buildings and other public facilities in municipalities will be able to produce electricity from photovoltaic systems that will be granted through Municipal Services Improvement Project implemented by Ministry of Finance.

It is about EUR 2 million grant through the IPA component of the European Union, which will be intended for procurement of photovoltaic systems for public buildings.

Finance Ministry told Saturday that the grant is intended to 35 municipalities in four regions with lowest GDP per capita and the municipalities should identify the facilities that will be most useful to install such systems.

At request of the government, the European Union provided EUR 15.5 million for rural infrastructure development in the country. The total amount of the programme, including government co-financing, is EUR 20.7 million.

The programme is implemented by the Ministry of Finance and administered by the World Bank, as part of the special, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) Rural Investment window, established under the World Bank Municipal Services Improvement Project (MSIP).