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EXCLUSIVE: Serbia’s DVERI confirms that SDSM copied it’s election campaign (video)


Srdjan Nogo of the Serbian party DVERI has confirmed for “Republika” that SDSM has copied elements of their election campaign, signs, promotional materials and messages.

“We are not in contact with the biggest opposition party in Macedonia, and we did not give consent for our campaign to be reused. It is unclear if they appropriated the campaign on their own or if it was suggested to them by hired experts. The concept of our campaign is completely our idea,” Nogo said.

“Republika” asked via SMS SDSM Secretary General Oliver Spasovski to comment on the allegations that the party’s election campaign and program were copied from the Serbian party.

“It’s a complete lie, the program of SDSM is thoroughly prepared and is based on experience and analysis. Scientists, experts, economists were involved in the creating process and it was written in consultation with the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia” replied Spasovski via SMS.