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Exhibit of Manaki Brothers photographs in Caen

Exhibit of Manaki Brothers photographs in Caen

An exhibition of photographs by Manaki Brothers shot during World War I opens Monday at the Memorial Museum in Caen, France.

The exhibit, running through September 4, displays 101 digitally reproduced photos by Manaki Brothers, conceived by photographer Robert Jankulovski.

The photographs were shot in the period between 1905 and 1936, depicting the lives of ordinary citizens in Bitola and French troops deployed there during WWI.

Photographer Robert Jankulovski, who is at the helm of the Macedonian Center of Photography, is concluding his 20-year research of Manaki’s opus of photographs with the Caen exhibition.

A monograph on Manaki Brothers is in the works and is set to be promoted at the upcoming exhibit and the Bitola Film Festival later in the year. The 160-page monograph contains 120 reproduced photographs.