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Expert government is not democratic solution


Prof. Jovanka Kepeska PhD

Little by little, the hope that the country will begin to stabilize, overcoming the political crisis, has been restored. The political composition of the government has been fully restored. In accordance with the mandate given at elections, the corresponding ministers have returned in the government. Its remodeling into technical government, because of the way it operated and because it lasted too long, proved ineffective. That showed that, thus formulated, the government can not not be functional. It in only acceptable if it operates for a short period of time, in the direction of holding elections, and if it is really focused on that. The return of the political government apparently became the first and, no less essential, stabilizing factor in the country. This is a positive step to start to rebound and maintain the regular form of government in the social order. It means to restore the normal functioning of institutions and the law enforcement. Because the political crisis has disrupted the flows in the legal and political system, has paralyzed the institutions and has violated the constitutional order in the country. This is why the return of the activities of the executive power, in its constitutionally determined shape, gives hope that the stabilizing processes in the country will start to take place in full, enabling the democratic way of resolving issues through Parliament and other.

So, it is necessary the annulment of the pardons by President Ivanov to be carried out in order to overcome the political bias while possible initiation of proceedings before the SPO for criminal responsibility against persons who, according the wiretapped conversations, have committed crimes. And after the grounds for possible suspicion are realistically investigated. It is necessary, in fact, to overcome the bias that has previously been manifested, which was the reason for President Ivanov to take the step to pardon individuals from initiating proceedings for criminal responsibility as a preventive measure in respect of the presumption of innocence. Something that, according to President Ivanov’s information, it would be too hasty and prepared with a purpose to prevent equitable share of the VMRO DPMNE in the preparations of the scheduled elections. Expectations, today, over the impartiality refer to the overall process of proving guilt. This is the way to restore confidence in the public in a possible stabilization of the legal state.

Moreover, there are no doubts that the government will direct its activities towards the required reforms that have been agreed as necessary, adjusting to the time ahead, according to a new agreement on elections. In addition to the reform processes of society established in the Przino Agreement.

In public, lately, there has been an opinion, more or less emphasized, pointing, at the same time, at distrust in the regular government and by disputing it, call for caretaker government. Arguing that only such a government could implement the necessary reforms. It is proposed, therefore, competent government as the rule of people according to knowledge and skills. Theoretically it is meritocracy or power and governance by merit, talent, intelligence and possession of skills.

The request for an expert or a ‘newly constructed’ government, which happens because of theoretical unawareness or to achieve certain goals, is undemocratic. Because democracy is exactly the opposite. Democracy is rule by the people. Political system, state governance where the people elect their representatives through elections, giving them authority to make decisions on their behalf. This process is implemented by the pluralism of the political parties and the pressure groups, where citizens have free access and are able to exercise their rights. The introduction of an expert or any other government, influences the electoral will of the citizens evading the decisions of the election process. Something that is not only socially unjust and elitist, but also dysfunctional. The use of knowledge in the political sphere, which is based on a democratic basis, remains.

That’s why we can not separate ourselves from the notion that when the opposition bloc offers suggestions as if they have a deviation from reality. So the opinion remains unproductive, useless. Opinion that leads nowhere though it poses as democratic. Conceived only to come to power, at the same time showing ignorance and incompetence, it is directed to disrupt the system.