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Federalization agreed: Zaev and Albanian radicals work on dividing Macedonia


The first week of the election campaign has passed, and SDSM took the opportunity to explain to the Albanian population what Zaev spoke before the Albanian diaspora in Switzerland, from door to door, from village to village, because at this election they plan to exclusively fight for their voices, thus realizing their agenda of Greater Albania.

According to Zaev’s promise, the future federalization of the state, whose name will be further determined, has three phases, which will be gradually implemented in the next few years. Zaev advocates for implementation of the process of dividing the country to the point of beyond repair. Their “redefining” of the unitary character of the state means introduction of bilingualism, federalization and then separation of the state with the possibility of leaning towards neighboring countries.

First phase – Use of Albanian language in the police and army, division into cantons

The first phase envisages increased use of Albanian as an official language, primarily in the security sector, institutions, police and army and division in federal units, cantons, or development of municipalities in “a more advanced system of self-governing”.

Second phase – Albanians will take up the posts of parliament speaker, prime minister or head of state

The second phase involves introduction of bilingualism on the entire territory of the country. Moreover, institutions and functions are offered to the Albanian parties while “dividing the pie of power”. On one hand, the posts of parliament speaker, prime minister or president are among the promises. Through institutions, on the other hand, the security departments, the Interior Ministry, then the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence and the Public Security Bureau as well as the financial pillars the Public Revenue Office, customs will be granted. In this phase the administrative connection of the federal units should be also carried out.


Third phase – disintegration of Macedonia and realization of the Greater Albania project


The third phase would only formalize the federalization of the state, division into cantons, which would then easily broke away and merge with neighboring countries.