Monday, 8 March 2021 | News today: 0

First 13 asylum applications registered in Macedonia


The Interior Ministry informed that since 19 June, a total of 7.389 foreign citizens were registered crossing illegally into Macedonia. Most of them ­ 4.863 ­ were Syrians, followed by people from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Congo and Palestine.

The Red Cross has mobile teams who distribute water, diapers and other supplies at the railway stations in Gevgelija and Tabanovce, and in some cases takes refugees in need of medical assistance to hospital. Meanwhile, the Health Ministry continues to disinfect rail station often used by migrants as sleeping quarters. On Thursday, the Ministry disinfected the Kumanovo, Skopje and Gevgelija rail stations and the rail cars, to prevent from spread of contagious diseases.

An overwhelming majority of the illegal migrants who were registered were male (5.786), with 939 women and 651 children. Thirteen of them, all Syrians, applied for asylum in Macedonia. A total of 44 asylum seekers are registered in the Asylum Center in Skopje.