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Five reconstructed façades of buildings in Gostivar promoted


Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska paid Friday a visit to Gostivar to promote five fully-reconstructed façades of buildings in the center of the western Macedonian city.

“I’m especially glad that the government and the Ministry of Culture are investing a lot of energy and money to support culture and cultural values in Gostivar. It has been invested a lot especially to preserve cultural heritage and to reconstruct landmarks with which the city is becoming an attractive destination,” stated Kanceska-Milevska.

Recently, she added, measures have been taken to preserve the Watch Tower, the Old Madrasa, the Bey’s House and the Chako Family House by singling out MKD 6 million. A local church, the St. Dimitrija church, is going to be also restored, the Minister announced.

The first stage of the façade reconstruction project in downtown Gostivar covers six buildings with five of them being fully completed. Six more facilities considered cultural heritage are planned to be renovated by the year’s end.

It is envisaged façades of all the buildings in downtown Gostivar to be reconstructed by 2020.