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FM Poposki: Dacic knows he is in Macedonia


Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic knew that he came to the Republic of Macedonia, FM Nikola Poposki told reporters on Thursday when asked if the Serbian FM was aware of the country’s name when he arrived to attend the Western Balkans ministerial meeting in Skopje.

“It is good news that he is not the only one in Serbia to know this is the Republic of Macedonia. I would like to invite all friends from Serbia to come and visit Macedonia, because there are many wonderful things to see”, said Poposki.

Dacic recently said that Serbia should not have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name and acronym FyRoM should be used in future relations.

“We understand that Kosovo’s UNESCO membership is an exceptionally sensitive issue, but we are committed to tread the path of regional cooperation. I believe each one of us will reevaluate the steps that move the region forward, identifying itself as a natural part of Europe. Otherwise, we will give a boost to those who want us to join the EU much later or never”, said Poposki.