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Aco Stankovski

There is something in man, as a non-resistant magnet that drives him to go to the border areas of morality, and even pass over them. That Dionysian side of the character, tickled by the irresistible passions to experience any prohibited or, if you prefer, indecent experience as voyeurism, for example.

Often this passion is immortalized in the works of great artists, especially of the unforgettable masters of allegory, or of those who are illustrating exciting topics from the Bible with high commitment.

Anthony van Dyck has a series of beautiful large format canvases, made in superb painterly manner of the high Flemish Baroque, where he interpreted the theme of Susanna and the elders.

In those pictures a group of several aged men surreptitiously observe the young and beautiful Susanna, who has unclothe herself beside some water to take a bathe. The wide opened eyes of the old voyeurs give special psychological tension to these masterpieces of the 17th century Flemish art.

In fact, as if these topics of nakedness combined with hidden observation established a special erotic shtimung within the audience, which seemed to have identified with voyeurs from the artworks.

The clever protagonists of the political game have long noticed this power of art also in the context of their struggle for power, which they seem to have started to exploit quite often.

To discredit the political opponent by compromising the intimacy. To reach through his nakedness to the state of powerlessness of the political competitor. The opponent to show himself naked and clumsy, unprepared for the struggle that means life.

All of these are improper and subversive strategies, which are mainly used by criminogenic players on the political scene, of those who do not have talent and vision, nor any other type of capacity other than those that gravitate to the phenomenon of wickedness.

But such strategies as much as they give devastating results at the beginning, while the inhibitory effect of the shocking works, in the long run they receive quite the opposite effect and become fatal to the initiators, also leading them to disaster.

The same is happening in this chaotic time, in which the frustrated and malevolent opposition coryphées tried by intrusion into privacy to humiliate and expose government officials.

And in the beginning as if it upset the Macedonian public that after the first shock quickly recovered and began to perceived these arguments more deeply.

In fact, the Macedonian people has long been immune to the insidious games of this type and fed up, these unfortunate and incompetent politicians – the last exponents of historically failed totalitarianism, and further manipulate it.

But this suffering, fair and wise people with its rich tradition and enormous creative capacity can no longer deal with the antics of those lost in time and carriers of single-mindedness.

This, though small in number, but in regard to cultural and civilizational values large, people can not tolerate on its social body these nasty and irrational parasites, so necrophiliacly tied to another, already long dead work, regardless of the whole romance of the past times.

Why this great fraud of the failed liars is disgusting to the citizenship, even those who in the name of some discontent or nostalgia in the last election voted for them.

So, the first fraud made by this group of losers is the one, in which, although a respectable mass of 280,000 people voted for them to represent their interests in the institutions, they – the scammers, did not do it, making their idiots and donkeys out of their voters .

And all this passed. At first the supporters were confused, and in that state most of them were brought under ever more scary and more subtle manipulation. Namely, the scammers hit some revolutionary drums simulating fierce resoluteness with the defeat, spreading a type of aggressive discontent, also presenting themselves as victims of a major electoral fraud.

And we well remember how were their suggestions incorporated in the Electoral Code and how were their representatives positioned at crucial locations for surveillance and control. Even the humiliating ink on the thumbs of the Macedonian electorate body, which more suits thieves or speechless goods, was not enough to re-assure them in the regularity of the electoral process.

After all that man would conclude that nothing can appease except the government. But no nation wants to give the power to madmen. But, that can happen with various interventions and the results of such actions are horrendous. Let us remember Bolshevism and Nazism, but those are processes that have been long elaborated by the history of Western civilization.

And just as all of us, the citizens of Macedonia, thought that we will have four-year peace, harmony and creativity, here there are again the notorious fraudsters with a new project to seize the power.

– The government has been eavesdropping on us – they lament – and we will show you that because we have evidence of their illegal actions against us – they say.

And just as the Macedonian public picked its ears up to hear the wiretaps of the government, a new, even bigger fraud than the notorious losers, now completely maddened by their own envy and malice, has emerged on the stage.

Instead of hearing the conversations of the leading figures of the opposition, that the government has allegedly tapped, we hear Government officials tapped in the most illegal way by the exponents of the opposition and their “whistle-blowers”, incorporated in the security services in cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies.

Here, the Macedonian public already realizes that this opposition is forever lost to common sense. Without doubt, not even 100 lost elections will not reassure it that the will of the people is to make them disappear from the political stage forever.