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Free medical exams for seniors in March

More than 80 senior Macedonians will receive free medical consults in two Red Cross daycare centers in Skopje at the occasion of 9th March, International Good Deeds Day.

Remedika’s doctor team will be checking the general health condition of senior members of the two Red Cross daycare centers, consulting everyday habits and advising on health prevention.

“Our hospital successfully cooperates with Skopje’s Red Cross for a longer period of time and we support their activities regardless of the target age group. We strive for seniors well-being by constant health, educational and humanitarian activities such as this one. They will undergo detailed checks and receive advice on maintaining good health and mood” – said Prof. Dr. Andreja Arsovski MD at Remedika.

The “Fight Against Cancer Week” was observed by educational workshops for the seniors daycare centers members. Dr. Lidija Atanasovska Biserkovska spoke on skin cancer prevention, while Prof. Dr. Andreja Arsovski educated on lung cancer prevention.