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French director goes old school in filming his movie in Macedonia


Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska visited on Wednesday the set north of Skopje where French director Nicolas Benamou is filming his latest movie, A Fond. Benamou said that he has chosen a very challenging approach to the work on the action comedy, with live filming, instead of the usual studio production.

“Normally these movies are shot in a studio, with a green backdrop, and later the movie is put together in the post­production. But, we wanted to go back to filming live, in the trend recently set by Mad Max and Mission Impossible. We want to drop the post-­production and the 3D imagery and film for real, in real time. We have a special system that allows filming a high speed motorcycle ride, all the while ensuring all safety requirements”, Benamou said, adding that he is grateful to Macedonia, its people, and the Government, for the good cooperation in putting together the film.

Work on the film will continue for about a month, mostly on the ring road north of Skopje, which will be closed for the better part of the day in the next month. Minister Kanceska Milevska said that this is the first time such technology was used in Macedonia.

“The shooting of this movie will mean a lot for Macedonia, and will allow many of our film production professionals to acquire know-­how about the latest technology. This will help put Macedonia on the map of the global film industry, and we saw how, in the past days, many global news sites reported about the filming of this movie”, Kanceska Milevska said.

Over 280 drivers will be included stunt and car chase scenes. Saso Pavlovski, from the Macedonian production company Manufaktura, says that the number of services provided by Macedonian companies is growing, with the set design, costumes and lighting all done by local companies.

“Additionally, there will be two or three directors of photography, working as assistants to the main cinematographer. The French crew gained a great amount of trust in us in the past few days, and they are all satisfied with the work put in by the Macedonian part of the crew. Chic Films is a well renowned production company, and we hope that they will help spread the word of mouth that it is possible to do good work in Macedonia”, Pavlovski said.

The project is the largest foreign film industry investment in Macedonia ever, with potential benefits estimated at two million EUR. A Fond tells the story of a French family going on a vacation which suffers a brake malfunction and is unable to stop the car.