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Fresh 810.000 euros for the reconstruction of the Albanian Theater

The Ministry of Culture will allocate fresh 810.000 euros to the Albanian Theater in Skopje next year. Minister Asaf Ademi said he expects this national institution to be ready soon. The reconstruction lasts for five years, and several deadlines have expired. The latest promise from the institution is that the building will be ready by the New Year.

MKD 50 million is foreseen for the Theater in Skopje, which I believe will definitely finish the reconstruction of the building and will be put into use, said Culture Minister Asaf Ademi.

The Ministry of Culture published a report two weeks ago made by an external audit group, referring to the reconstruction of the Albanian Theater. The document with the conclusions was submitted to the Government, but it has not yet been considered at a session. The Minister pointed out that he additionally established a working group within the ministry that explores the findings in the report, which is forwarded to the state audit, but also to the Ministry of Finance.


“We took all necessary actions, informed the competent authorities, we sent a letter to various institutions and the state audit where we informed them about the situation ascertained by the commission that I formed. Also, information from the National Institute, Albanian Theater in Skopje will be taken into consideration, full information will be submitted to the Government,” added Minister Ademi.