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Gjorcev: Oliver Spasovski needs to resign


VMRO-DPMNE officially called on the technical Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski to resign on Saturday, following an apparently staged incident in which Dime Spasov, a VMRO-DPMNE official and Government member, was chased by a car and assaulted.

“Oliver Spasovski lied to the entire Macedonian public and he needs to resign over his manipulations in this joint criminal – police set up. The citizens have lost all trust in Spasovski. He tried to hide the fact that Dime Spasov was attacked, but the citizens were able to see on video how people with criminal records are hitting his vehicle and were moving together with the Alfa police units deployed by Oliver Spasovski”, said Vladimir Gjorcev, member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee.

In the incident last Friday, the technical Deputy Labour and Welfare Minister Dime Spasov was followed by a vehicle with several men, who claimed that he clipped them while driving past them. According to video evidence that was revealed several days later, the men tried chased his car, approached Spasov with their hands in their pockets – indicating that they are armed, and began hitting on the vehicle trying to order him out. Spasov drove off, and later stopped when police joined in, and video shows one officer slamming him to his car. Spasov claims that the police officers not only did nothing to hold back the attackers, but were in fact coordinating together.

Gjorcev added that the men who were involved in the initial incident have long criminal records. According to VMRO-DPMNE, this is yet another attempt on the part of SDSM to abuse their temporary control of the Interior Ministry, which was given to the opposition party to contribute in the preparation of the December 11th elections. VMRO-DPMNE claims that this is a similar coordination between SDSM and criminal groups as was an incident in 2015, when forgers with ties to Spasovski were apprehended while preparing fake documents meant to frame VMRO-DPMNE officials. VMRO-DPMNE also blames Spasovski of hiring party loyalists with criminal backgrounds into the police units and trying to use them for incidents such as the one with Spasov.

The Interior Ministry issued a press release on Friday in which it maintained its position that Spasov caused a traffic accident, and that there are conflicting statements from a woman who was in the car with him, and a man who later came after the accident to claim that he was the driver. According to the Ministry, Spasov also changed his statement, after initially trying to say that he was not driving, and now acknowledges that he was. A Ministry spokesman refused to comment on the video evidence, that was broadcast by Sitel TV, which shows the chase after Spasov’s car, and the assault against him. He also refused to say whether the persons who were chasing Spasov after the alleged minor contact between their vehicles, have criminal records.