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GMO detected in soybeans and soya chunks imported from Serbia


Tests revealed existence of GMO in soybeans and soya chunks imported from Serbia by the Macedonian company Vitalia. A total of 510 kilograms of soybeans and soya chunks will be destroyed, while exporters will be ordered to pay €5,000 fine.

Managers in these companies will be also fined.

“The Food and Veterinary Agency received results from superanalysis of soybeans and soya chunks, conducted in a reference laboratory in the European Union, which confirm the presence of GMO,” the Agency said in a statement.

The soya products were manufactured by the company Sojaproteni in Serbia.

Samples have been taken as part of a monitoring food safety program of the Food and Veterinary Agency.

Recently, it was revealed that 550 kg of GMO rice had been produced in Kocani from imported seed. This quantity will be also destroyed.

Under the law on food safety, import, production and sale of food containing GMO is banned.