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Goran Stefanovski’s play closes 55th Ohrid Summer Festival


This year’s Ohrid Summer Festival will be wrapped up Thursday with a play written by Goran Stefanovski and directed by Aleksandar Popovski, which is produced by the Ljubljana National Drama Theatre.

Speaking at a press conference about his play titled “Figurae veneris historiae”, the world-renowned Macedonian playwright said the complex name hid a very simple message. “History is crushing us in many ways…The themes of terror throughout history, the banality of evil, the dynamic of everyday life that’s entrapping us down to mere survival, emotional blackmail, our relationships all come down to vulgar bickering and hate speech… In such an infernal boiler we long for a human word, for gentle touches and poetry,” Stefanovski told a press conference on Wednesday.

Aleksandar Popovski, who is considered to be as one of the most original Macedonian directors, said theatre­-goers would be treated to a performance of one of the best theatre ensembles on the Balkans known for its discipline and bravery.

“Through a twisted tale about the war, the play tells the story about the untouchable, the emotional pieces and the core of humanity amid the whirlwind of war,” Popovski stated. Furthermore, the 55th Ohrid Summer Festival, according to official numbers, saw a record-­breaking attendance with over 25 thousand visitors from Macedonia and abroad, including Serbia, Croatia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Albania and France.