Saturday, 4 December 2021 | News today: 0

Government: No New Year celebrations from budget funds


This year also the Government will not allow New Year’s parties at the expense of the budget and the citizens. The decision for cutting the luxury celebrations, the Government has adopted at a session and has already sent to the budget users.

In anticipation of the upcoming New Year holidays, the Government decided this year also to continue  applying the measure that prevents state administration, public enterprises, funds, agencies and joint stock companies from holding celebrations at the expense of the country, giving Christmas presents from budget funds and paying vacations, and obliges these entities to comply with this measure, stated government spokesman Alexander Gjeorgiev for Kurir.

Gjorgiev added that the Government of Republic of Macedonia recommends this measure to be also applied by the regulatory bodies, local governments, kindergartens, primary, and secondary schools.

Since the global economic crisis and the European debt crisis many governments around the world have adopted such limiting decisions.