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Government proposes constitutional changes for improved living standard

Defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, specifying fiscal rules in the section of budget deficit and public debt are among the issues over which the Government has passed a draft-decision for changes to the Constitution.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said at Saturday’s press conference the changes aim towards constitutional specification, quality improvement, increase of independence and proper functioning of the system.

“The draft-decision for constitutional changes is directed towards improvement of the work of institutions, introduction of higher standards and conditions for economic development and prosperity. We expect the experts and the public to get involved in the process and get the best out for the country and its citizens”, stressed PM Gruevski.

The first change refers to renaming the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia into Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. The second would determine that marriage is exclusively a union between a woman and a man.

“The constitutional protection and clear definition of the marriage will enable further protection of the children and affirmation of their upbringing into an environment where the parents – father and mother – are the main pillars, along with support provided to single parents,” said Gruevski.

The third change focuses on the introduction of remedy Constitutional Complaint.

“The objective of this remedy is to strengthen the constitutional rights and freedoms. The Constitutional Court would be competent in ruling on the constitutional complaints against individual acts or actions by state bodies, local self-government units or officials regarding discrimination, right of life, torture, freedom, presumption of innocence and fair trial, freedom of expression, public expression, freedom of speech and religion etc”, said Gruevski.

The initiative also proposes changes in the number of judges-members of the Judicial Council, elected by the judges.

“The changes relate to the exclusion of the Justice Minister and the Supreme Court president from the Judicial Council, as well as increasing the number of judges-members from eight to ten”, said PM Gruevski, adding the increase was made for the purpose of the judiciary’s independence.

Another constitutional change refers to altering the competence of ruling upon complaints to the Judicial Council decisions for election of judges or competence of ruling upon complaints to the Public Prosecutors Council decisions for election of prosecutors.

The initiative also proposes the introduction of a constitutionally defined maximum of the budget deficit and public debt limitation.

“The initiative intends to include constitutional mechanisms guaranteeing fiscal discipline and stability, taking into account the best European practices in the field”, added Gruevski.

He said the proposal limited the budget deficit to three percent of the GDP at most, as well as the public debt to 60 percent of the GDP.

The next constitutional change creates the option of establishing a financial zone with special legal and financial regulations in compliance with highest international standards, urging the development of financial services in the country.

“This option opens the door for large financial trading companies, aimed at creating economic development”, underlined the PM.

The final change refers to the State Audit Office and its defining as a constitutional category.