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Greek Defense Minister Kammenos says Macedonians must abandon “Tito’s propaganda”


While Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov calls on Macedonians to turn into “good Bulgarians”, his Greek counterpart and fellow nationalist political party leader Panos Kammenos said that the Prespa treaty is dead and that Macedonians need to abandon the propaganda from the Tito and Mussolini era.

Kammenos was angry at Zoran Zaev who said that the Prespa treaty will open the opportunity for Aegean Macedonians – ethnic Macedonians living in Greece – to finally be able to complete their public education in Macedonian. Other statements from Zaev, about the existence of the Macedonian national identity, also angered Kammenos.

– Statements from Zoran Zaev in which he talked about a Macedonian identity and language put an end to all discussions about the survival of the so called Prespa treaty. This irredentist and provocative behavior from Skopje shows to the international community that not only they are not prepared to become part of international organizations, but it also proves that they are still captive by the Mussolini and Tito propaganda, Kammenos said. Greek nationalist politicians often claim that the Macedonian national identity is product of Communist Yugoslavia and its leader Marshall Tito.