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Greek Government sees Zaev’s “controversial” statements as posturing before the domestic public


According to the Greek media, the Tsipras Government is satisfied with the amendments of the Macedonian Constitution, and sees Zoran Zaev’s recent statements mostly as posturing before the domestic public.

Zaev angered many in Greece when he said that the Prespa treaty he signed with Alexis Tsipas will allow the ethnic Macedonian minority in Greece to finally be able to get its public education in Macedonian. This caused an uproar and Tsipras’ coalition partner Panos Kammenos said that the Prespa treaty is dead. Zaev, who discreetly apologized to the Greeks, was also involved in a similar argument with Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov, who demanded that Zaev stops insisting on the existence of a Macedonian language separate from the Bulgarian.

According to the state run ANA-MPA news agency, Greeks are satisfied that one of the proposed amendments, that again amends an article of the Macedonian Constitution which Greeks have long found objectionable, will in the future declare that the Macedonian state doesn’t care about the “Macedonian people” living abroad, but about its citizens and its diaspora.

– The few unfortunate comments made by Zoran Zaev are with the purpose of winning over the domestic public and its support for the treaty But, Zaev remains committed to the Prespa treaty, the agency carries a statement of a Greek Government official.