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Greek politicians seethe as video of Zaev’s “Aegean Macedonia” statement circulates


Greek opposition official Giorgos Koumoutskakos reacted angrily today after Greek media carried the statement from Zoran Zaev, who said that under the Prespa treaty, Macedonians living in Greece may finally be allowed to complete their public education in the Macedonian language. Greece has long refused to grant minority rights to Macedonians living in its northern region, and this issue has contributed greatly to the dispute between the two countries, with Greece demanding guarantees that Macedonia will not act to ask for greater minority rights.

Now that we saw the video, we see that Zaev’s unacceptable statements are actually even worse than initially reported. We are not surprised by this, because it is a natural consequence of the Prespa treaty, which we always said will serve as an incubator of nationalism and irredentism, said the Greek shadow Foreign Minister for the opposition New Democracy party.

Defending the proposed amendments in Parliament before VMRO-DPMNE representatives, Zaev blamed one of them of doing nothing to help the Aegean Macedonians – ethnic Macedonians living in northern Greece which is often referred to as Aegean Macedonia or White Sea Macedonia.

– Now we have better chances, now we have a chance that the Macedonian language will finally be taught there. It was banned until now , we have a realistic chance to help them, to remove the borders, Zaev said in the statement which is now widely quoted in Greece. All leading Greek politicians responded angrily to the statement, which prompted an apology and clarification from the Macedonian Government.