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Gruevski and Kanceska- Milevska made insight into construction works on reconstruction of St. Clement University


VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski together with Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska – Milevska visited the St. Clement University in Plaoshnik and performed insight into the construction activities on its reconstruction.

St. Clement University is built in the Plaoshnik site, covering an area of 17 thousand square meters, an investment worth about 30 million euros.


The construction of the St. Clement University will give a new spiritual and tourist dimension to Ohrid. The project includes: library, congress center, Macedonian Institute for Human Sciences, Plaoshnik Museum, monastery hospice and residential facility of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.


According to estimates, the construction works on the facades of all buildings, the construction and craft works of the second phase, as well as water supply and sewage, electrical and mechanical installation, interior design, urban arrangement of the complex and setting the monument of St. Clement will be realized by 2018.