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Gruevski: Borisov’s statement has to be greeted


Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski welcomed the statement of Bulgarian Former Prime Minister and leader of the now oppositional Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (CEDB), Boyko Borisov, who said that Bulgaria should not block Macedonia on its way to the European Union (EU), informs “Plus Info”.

Gruevski remarked that he had not heard the statement but he welcomed it.

I did not hear the statement but I met him for a short while and he mentioned that he had made a statement in this direction. This is a statement that has to be greeted,” Gruevski remarked.

Macedonian Prime Minster and leader of the VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, is in Brussels where he takes part in the meeting of the European People’s Party (EPP).