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Gruevski: Citizens will opt for Macedonia, not Zaev’s scenarios


The decision to vote in these elections is very simple, but it is historic and very significant, said VMRO-DPMNE leader and list carrier in the fourth electoral district, Nikola Gruevski at Radovis rally.

On one hand there is a political party that works, cares for the citizens, increases pensions, social welfare, brings investors and opens new jobs, works on strengthening the country. And there is another party, which cooperated with all kinds of criminal intelligence structures and places itself in their hands, just to come into power. They will not succeed, because as complicated as it looks, the decision is really simple. People will choose reforms, creation of new job, better standard of living, and support of farmers. People will choose Macedonia, not someone conducting scenarios, Gruevski said.

He underlined that one decision is for individuals and their families, while the other is for Macedonia.