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Gruevski for Republika: VMRO-DPMNE will outlive Soros and his external and internal servants and mercenaries

In the fourth part of VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski’s mega interview with Republika, you will read about whether Soros has information on the activities and the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, whether patriotism means being anti-west oriented, and whether Soros really knows who he in supports Macedonia.

Do not you think that you share part of the blame for allowing the spread of the opinion that you are nationalists for so long?

You’re absolutely right. As a party, we remained silent observers for a long period of time, sometimes not even hearing the lies and intrigues spread about us among the Albanian electorate, not just by the media funded by Soros, but very often also by some Albanian politicians, who have always passed their incompetence and unfulfilled promises to the VMRO-DPMNE’s account, explaining that VMRO-DPMNE, as the larger partner in the government, has prevented this or that from happening. It is not an assumption, but I know this for a fact. Some of the Albanian politicians have informally admitted these things to me. This was not only incorrect, but it was not even denied by anyone. I raised some initiatives regarding this issue 1-2 years ago which no one supported, and this, among other things, contributed to the creation of the false black image of VMRO-DPMNE among the Albanians. Let me remind you that the money of Soros are present in the Albanian media more than they are in the Macedonian.

Historically speaking, VMRO-DPMNE as an organization has never been directed against the Albanians in the past, nor it is now, but it is cautious about the intentions of some radical structures both from within and outside the country.

Let’s leave history behind, we will enter different waters. I want to emphasize that being a patriot does not mean being anti-Albanian or anti-west oriented. Also, being a Macedonian patriot does not mean that you are against the West, NATO, the EU and the US, and being an Albanian patriot does not mean that you are pro-west and pro-Europe oriented or that you support NATO and the US. That is nonsense. Just a dirty political paid propaganda.

Do you think that Soros knows about your reactions, you have mentioned him in the past, but not in a special interview as this one?

Yes, he knows, I am sure he knows. He is probably angry and irritated for that, but also motivated to spend more money against us, even more so because those who inform him and send him reports, make sure that he becomes additionally motivated to be against us. And of course, they want him to give them more money for their battle fight, which is in fact a pure intra-political battle and a battle for money, a paid battle. That’s why I say that, part from ideological difference, it is one dimension and constant, the problem is that Soros is constantly filled with false and inaccurate information, distorted truth. He then, through his influence in governments and administrations of several countries, is further motivated to make us problems and further indoctrinate those governments against us.


I wonder why he never asked himself if he and his team were wrong about us, when the political elites they support have lost elections so many times, and even with all the circumstances and games we have gone through in the past two years, despite the interference of many factors from outside, the people have once again given a greater support to VMRO-DPMNE than SDSM, and despite all the assistance, money and logistics that SDSM received with which they bought votes of Roma and poor people and financed their campaign and the campaigns of other smaller coalitions. If I were him, after so many years of spending money and investing, I would find a way to re-examine my policies, check the facts, and correct myself, if I were wrong.”

Here’s a simple example: environmental non-governmental organizations funded by Soros protest against air pollution only in municipalities where the mayor is from VMRO-DPMNE, and if the mayor is from SDSM, they are silent. These days there are reports that currently Kumanovo is the most polluted city in Europe and there is no reaction and protest. The local mayor from SDSM gave many promises, but he hasn’t lifted a finger.  SDSM has been in office in Kumanovo for 25 years. They lied that they implemented gasification all over Kumanovo, but air pollution measures show that Kumanovo is the most polluted city. But Soros does not mind about that. However, if tomorrow turns out that Skopje or Bitola are the most polluted, it will become the main topic in the country, for Soros and SDSM and for all their mercenary and corrupt journalists, media and analysts.

You said that if you were him, after all, after so many years of people’s support to VMRO-DPMNE, you would re-examine yourself. Do you think he would do it?

I do not know, I do not think he would do it … Maybe in some countries he was right about something, I do not know, but in Macedonia he made a disastrous assessment of the situation and a big mistake, he spend millions of dollars for opposite purposes than for those he publicly advocates. What he thinks of us I learn through the media he funds outside and in Macedonia, as well as through the performances of his follower Milcin and the reports of various governments and institutions that he supports. He is very much mistaken about Macedonia, and he spends 10 percent of the money for all of Europe in Macedonia which has population of 2 million.

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Speaking of Soros, how much information do you think he has on the current situation in the country, the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office and the like?

I will repeat, Soros has lots of information about Macedonia, much more than you think, but there is wrong information and misleading analysis, and as a result he brings wrong decisions. For example, in terms of the question about the SPO, he certainly knows that the SPO exists and what it means, how it works…


How will your struggle against the activities of Soros in Macedonia directed against your party proceed?

As we have done so far, with an honest approach toward the people,  stating the facts and arguments openly, continuously upgrading our democracy, working hard for the progress of our state and people,  fulfilling the promises we have made, resolving the problems of the people. As much as he is stronger and more powerful in terms of financial power and political influences, regardless of whether he has been misdirected or knows the truth and acts consciously, he cannot succeed in such a way because justice is on our side. Regardless of his motives, our struggle is honest and just. And it will never stop, and he cannot push us away from the true path and goals. He will not push us away from Macedonia. VMRO-DPMNE will outlive Soros and his external and internal servants and mercenaries.