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Gruevski: If in 11 years we opened 173,000 new jobs, in the next 10 years we will open at least another 150,000

VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski addressed the first rally in Vinica. He said that during this period they tried to expose the things that are happening in Macedonia and their backgrounds, seeing that in parallel they live in a great darkness, that they live in a time of unprincipled rule, violent rule, fears, threats, persecutions of political campaigns against opponents, charges and everything that can be thought of by a regime that in a real sense shows what a totalitarian regime is.

At the same time, we worked on a new document, a new program, a new vision for the future of Macedonia, because we believe in the people and we believe that this people on October 15 will put a stop to what is happening to Macedonia, to this darkness. For these reasons, dear friends, we worked tirelessly on developing a new strategy, a new vision for the next decade of Macedonia, a document called the “New Era”. A New era and a new day for Macedonia, for new victories, for new successes, Gruevski said.

He noted that this is a document that elaborates ways for Macedonia to move forward in every sense of the word, especially in the economy, the standard of living, wages, jobs, pensions, subsidies.

“So if we were able to create 173,000 jobs in 11 years, be sure that in the next 10 years we will be able to create at least 150,000 new jobs, as we predict in this new document, a new era for new victories and successes. We do not envisage and plan this by accident, we have planed it and publish it after lengthy and comprehensive analyzes, calculations and everything that is needed, with the best possible personnel, in order to do something in Macedonia.  As regards the unemployment in Macedonia, which was almost 40 percent, we managed to reduce it to 22 percent, so it could drop below 10 percent in the next decade, to 7, to 8, to 9 percent. Percentages that can be said to be normal in the developed countries, Gruevski said.