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Gruevski: Judges are blackmailed, these are political processes, I will not go to court tomorrow!

“These are political trials. It is obvious that legal arguments cannot overwhelm the political order. We will not be a decor in the courtroom, and that’s why we will not go to the Court of Appeal tomorrow. Let them make the decision they want. I’m being judged by politics, not the court. The acting president of the court is pressuring for my sentence. Anyone who became a judge knew that they will find themselves in a situation like this, and I tell the people who ordered this shameful act, you will not eliminate me. You will make me bigger, and you will be smaller. No indictment, no prison will erase what I have done for the Macedonian people, Nikola Gruevski said in a press conference on the occasion of the trials against him.

He accused of politically-mounted processes, and said a big mistake has been made, and that the people are seeing everything and know everything. He provided examples of judges who are in relative relations with prominent people in managerial positions in the SDSM.

Regarding the reports that 10 years ago he accepted a name change, he claims that this is also part of the political campaign.

“If I had agreed to everything the Greeks wanted, today would have been а different situation, said Gruevski.