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Gruevski: Macedonia has 4th largest economic growth in Europe, 116,000 new jobs

In an interview for Sitel TV, Prime Minister Gruevski talked about a complete change of the direction in which the economy has been moving since 2006, when he and his government has been ruling the country.

“The ongoing reforms has brought changes which ranked Macedonia at the fourth position in Europe in terms of the economic growth, states Gruevski, saying that the results have been expected, and the things are moving upward. The economic crisis has influenced all states as the the member states so their partners, and yet Macedonia was doing good, says Gruevski.

He stated there were various fields marking serious growth, industry, finances and other sectors, civil engineering being the leading impulse with over 30% growth. This sector has been practically drawing the economy because it has influence on another 26 economic sectors, thus opening new work places.

According to Gruevski, it is important that the budget deficit is 3.9%, which is one of the lowest in Europe, meaning the Government has been careful not to get too far in debt while the construction boom, and the  fourth lowest debt in Europe proves that, states Gruevski for Sitel TV.

“The economic growth is supplemented by the export growth by 6.1 %, therefore helping to open new jobs”, says the Prime Minister.

“The employment reduction from 38 to 28% is a result of number of government’s measures, the last entering into force a few days ago, with which the people aged under 29 will be able to find a job easier, because the employers will not be obliged to pay any other payments except the salary for two years of working. This measure give results in the short term and that is why it will be valid for 2 years”, stated the Prime Minister.

“Not only within the young, but also in the total unemployment, in 2006 there were 395,000 unemployed, while now the Employment Agency registers 103,000 unemployed people, actively seeking for a job, who together with those who have resigned from job offers at the agency count 221,000, or almost half of the unemployment when this government started operating. And all of that during two large international economic crises, when the number of unemployment was increasing”, says Gruevski.