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Gruevski: Macedonia was built with efforts, strength and work

“I on this holiday I promise, as long as I have the last atom of strength, I will work to accomplish as many promises that I have made, to solve as many problems, do as many projects and works as we can, bring success for Macedonia, for each person, for the people. The people is the power that creates the state and which defends and develops the country. The people is the master and it will be as long as VMRO exists because VMRO is Macedonia, VMRO is the diaspora VMRO is history and VMRO is the future”, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski said in his speech at the traditional Ilinden meeting in Turnovo village near Bitola.

“Macedonia was not freed, nor built upon fear, on the contrary, it was built with effort, strength, sacrifice, and a strong striving for freedom. The victory, freedom, progress, development and success are our final goal, and we have reached it through respecting and implementing the basic values, with strategies and tactics, with effort and hard work”, Gruevski said.

“It is easy to stand aside and watch, even easier to criticize and be destructive, spit on everything that is being done, created and built, only to talk but take no action, and the people know this. I know that the place of a politician is among the people, on every corner of this Macedonian ground, on every street, in every town and village with the people and their problems, not just when they have it easy, but also in difficult times and when they need help,” Gruevski stressed.

He added that every dishonest criticism,  lie and manipulation they serve, as he says, all ends in the first moment they step among the people.