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Gruevski meets heads of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Jewish Congress in New York

VMRO-DPMNE President Nikola Gruevski and party representatives Nikola Poposki, Vladimir Gjorcev and Aleksandar Nikoloski had meetings with US opinion makers in New York. Following his meetings with members of Congress and representatives of policy institutes in Washington, in New York Gruevski met with the President of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass and with Jack Rosen, Chairman of the American Jewish Congress.


“We discussed the political situation in Macedonia, our relations with the United States, the potentials for further progress for my country and steps that need to be taken to deal with different challenges. We discussed the migrant crisis, the issues Macedonia dealt with at its peak and the danger that it might reignite. On the number of significant issues that regard the Macedonian – American alliance, we pointed out that our strategic goal is to have Macedonia integrated in NATO and the European Union, and we discussed ways to accomplish this shared goal”, said Gruevski following his meeting with Haass.

At the meeting with Rosen, according to the VMRO-DPMNE press release, Gruevski discussed the steps Macedonia is making to nurture the Jewish heritage in Macedonia, and the potential for AJC to support Macedonia’s friendship with the United States.

Issues which Gruevski raised during his previous meetings in Washington included media regulation. In Washington, Gruevski met with Damon Wilson from the Atlantic Council who said that he hopes the end of the election campaign in the United States and the new Presidential administration will breathe new life in the Atlantic integrations of the Balkan countries such as Macedonia.