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Gruevski provides trainings of Macedonian medical persons at elite clinic in Brussels

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Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on Thursday reached an agreement with the elite Brussels-based Edith Cavell Clinic according to which this top medical center in the future will be a place where Macedonian doctors, nurses and other medical staff will attend trainings to learn state-of-the-art methods applied in medicine.

In one the biggest medical centers in Europe PM Gruevski held a meeting with its general medical director Jacques de Toeuf MD, with whom an agreement was made for signing a memorandum of understanding between Macedonia and Edith Cavell Clinic.

“Under our defined program, we want to establish cooperation with as many successful and advanced medical centers and hospitals as possible in order to send our doctors, nurses and other medical staff to be trained mainly in relation to new methods that are constantly being introduced in the treatment of various diseases,” Gruevski stated.

Speaking to MIA, Jacques de Toeuf confirmed that a deal had been reached which needed to be formalized as a memorandum of understanding precisely defining ways for cooperation in relation to medical education.

“It is not our goal to educate doctors, but to help the doctors, nurses and other technicians to acquire knowledge about the new technologies here in Brussels. Attempts will be also made to send doctors and nurses in Macedonia in order to take part in the rehabilitation of hospital capacities,” de Toeuf stated.

Communication for cooperation has been established thus far with nearly 48 medical centers and hospitals around the world, namely in Europe, USA, Canada and China, according to PM Gruevski.

“The objective is in a period of five to six years Macedonia to become a country of doctors and medical personnel who are the most advanced not only in the region, but also beyond,” concluded Gruevski.