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Gruevski: We will never give up on what we are!


“It is clear to everyone that Macedonia is blocked because Greece has a problem with our constitutional name. We are ready to discuss the solution to this issue, but unfortunately, the solution does not depend only on us. It requires the good will of the other party, which needs to understand our position. It is not possible and we will never give up on what we are, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski said in an interview with Belgrade’s Politika daily.

In the interview, Gruevski stressed that although Macedonia is strongly committed to Euro-Atlantic integration, there are no positive steps.

“Macedonia has not strayed from the right path, but it’s not moving at the same pace it started earlier,” he said.

According to him, it cannot be said that the relations with the neighboring countries are is on the same level and that they are the way that Macedonia would like them to be.

Asked to comment on the work of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, Gruevski said that “it is an ordered political calculation.”

“SPO should be independent, but it acts as a goldfish and fulfills the desires of Zoran Zaev. His only and strongest desire is to see me gone. Based on his orders, an attempt has been made to create cases. He has fallen so low that he has to pay lawyers to defend him through the media. There are no lawyers, except those paid by Zaev and the SPO, who will say that at least some part of their accusations is substantiated. SPO has a chance to leave a mark and to clear all constructed scandals, but they chose the easy way, to follow Zaev and to stain their honor by leaving law and meddling in politics,” Gruevski said.