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Budimka Popovska (Nun Makrina)

If the river is up and a flood strikes the city, and you must quickly leave the house, what do you take along?

Depending on the water level. If you leave the house by boat, and if it is an inflatable boat, you can not even take a book. Laptop maybe. It is good to have all your documents uploaded on the Internet. Even if you do not survive, your birth date, favorite drink in the morning, in the afternoon, what you dreamed of, will continue to live virtually.

In case of an earthquake? I know a woman who survived the famous earthquake in Skopje in 1963 just because she started praying when the walls started shaking. The whole building turned to ashes, but not a hair on her head harmed.

Whenever she would tell me the earthquake story, I thought of her a Phoenix. She found her close family in the ruins and her story is one of the very few happy ending ones.

The unfortunate end stories, especially the hypothetical ones, are the income source for insurance companies.

Preventive action stands on the opposite end of these hypotheses.

Prevention can go both ways: one way is perversity, and the other – the well-being of the mankind. At least what Nikola Tesla said so.

Science is just perversity unless its end goal is common well-being.

Carl Sagan says: “We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged so that almost no one understands science and technology.”

Maybe we could go on like this for a certain time, but sooner or later this explosive mixture of ignorance and power will strike back.

An example of such ignorance is connected to a very interesting research of the American Military Aviation and Navy in Alaska. HAARP.

Established in the 80s of the 20th century. System of antennas using high frequency radio waves to explore the atmosphere.

The popular name HAARP is an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project. The project experiments aim to explore the ionosphere temperature specifications.

These antennas can also locate oil. And discover oil and gas sources.

The HAARP can cause weather changes such as flood, earthquake, tsunami, drought etc. In such case, the natural phenomenon is more artificial than natural. It is a meteorological weapon to influence weather. And change the climate.

Deserts turn to lakes, fruitful valleys  turn to deserts. This land art has side effects on the human brain.

Except for the ability to locate submarines and cause acid rain, it also affects emotional state in humans. One could go insane out of nowhere.  Or suffer insomnia. Or not be able to stand the neighbor’s name. Without any logical explanation.

Behind all that – this exotic electromagnetic phenomenon kept in loud silence.

Latest model of disposable psychotronic remote controlled gun.

Such HAARP plants  exist nowadays in Russia, Norway, Peru…

Functions on button click. Itar Pejo’s fog is Stone Age relic to them.

As the winter slowly but surely turns into summer, it is time for spring mind cleansing, with or without any climate jolts.

Rumor has it The HAARP also greatly influences  body weight increase. It increases appetite, caused by genetic sundries. And all of a sudden – one feels hungry for oranges without seeds.

It is high time a HAARP initiating positive changes in people is invented. Maids that will clean even the out of sight areas. Quantum vacuum to suck in the fear of the collective unconscious. Excess body fat to burn, and housewives to start forgiving by default.