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Haindl visits Skopje to meet Przino Agreement signatories


­ The German special envoy for Macedonia, Johannes Haindl is to visit Skopje on Wednesday to meet with political leaders, all signatories to the Przino Agreement. During his two­day stay in Skopje he is to meet also with representatives of the international community, German Embassy said in a press release.

This will be Haindl’s fourth visit to Skopje since early May, when he was appointed special envoy of by Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank­Walter Steinmeier with a mandate to help settling the political crisis in Macedonia. During his last visit on June 8, Haindl said that there is a way out of political crisis and it is included in Przino Agreement due to which it is necessary to reaffirm and revitalize without delay.

– The good news is that there is a way out of the crisis. The Przino Agreement paves the way to democracy, stability and Euro­Atlantic integration. The bad news is that this process has been blocked; the crisis still has the country firmly in its grip; and time is running out. I therefore called on the party chairpersons to make their country’s interests their priority, to carry out reforms and to help the country get ahead. I made it very clear in my talks that we need to confirm and revive the Przino Agreement as the applicable and binding framework for the reform process, Haindl said.

– As the next step, however, the parties must swiftly create the conditions for free and fair elections and set a date for them. The Special Prosecutor must be able to perform her mandate without having obstacles placed in her way. The parties must now take immediate action to carry out the necessary reform steps and to remedy shortcomings, he said.