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Happy New Year & Merry Christmas


Budimka Popovska

Where did the custom of wishing happiness only on January 1 come from?

November was once the ninth month of the year and December was the tenth. New Year was celebrated in March.

Our mental matrix includes a powerful rule which requires New Year to be congratulated and celebrated only the night between December 31 and January 1. The euphoria of the craziest night can be used for the question what can make us happy besides Russian salad and sarma, and the happiness is not intended and provoked by the needs of the moment?

If we exclude New Year shopping fever and forced neurotic organizing of “a party”, just because the custom requires it , what else?

Little things. The biggest little thing is to make someone happy by honest sharing, when you least expect it. Behind the small surprises there is hope which is the link that will never loosen the chain of sobering failures.

Robot vacuum cleaner. And any other type of robotics in the kitchen.

Robot producing a feeling of carelessness.

Recognizing their own mistakes. Getting rid of the thought that you were born to sin. Accepting the thought that you were born to be happy.

If life is an extended arm of the thoughts that invisibly run through your mind, having at least a minimum of insight into the content of running.

Some anti-stress therapy that will make you immune to all post-New Year’s Eve headaches related to the global crisis and the rising of the oil prices.

Heaven on Earth. A filed on which could be planted with herbs whose photosynthesis will survive all threats of the modern invisible wars. Including the propaganda messages that deceive you with products that even if you could afford, they will not make you smile. But how can you know that it is a lie?

How to tell if you are dreaming, if pinching cheeks does not work? Joy should be one of the main ways of measuring reality.

The hardest of all is to think that you are dreaming in the dream. You are so convinced of the reality of the dream that eventually you despair.

Fear works in the same way: it puts the news of another missing Malaysian plane under your nose. Another boat with two or three thousand migrants capsized in the cold waters of the Ionian Sea.

What is your response to such news?

How can you be part in breaking the strong machines with metal wings without even moving from the sofa in your living room? That is called taking the bait.

You are being fooled into believing in everything you are served on the screen. The dream usually pushes its story and holds our attention tied to the morbid details that build the structure of the nightmare with simulacrum skill. A peaceful teenager suddenly goes crazy and kills half the population of the quiet mountain town with his grandfathers’s rifle. That is why is good to keep the remote ready to change the channel. Or the information agency to have to pay the highest tax for all the bad news. So maybe the rule that only bad news is good news will cease to be effective.

Everything can be just as you want. Childhood is a proof of that.

If your wish is not realized and life does not run exactly as you wish, check your thoughts. Perhaps something is lurking without notice. Sometimes the very attempts to consciously control the flow of things is the only obstacle to achieve the desired.

The moment you feel that “love” is equivalent to “do not want” means that you are freed from the grip of the obsessive need to be happy because the petty-bourgeois rituals require that in the hypocritical misfortune competition. The only competition in which you want to be last, but you don’t have luck and inadvertently, in most cases you rise among the top.

Once freed from the unnecessary rituals does not mean always free. But at least until the next New Year, for sure.

Happiness is the material from which we are made.