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Haradinaj: Vucic offers Kosovo recognition in exchange for territory


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, backed by Russia, has made us an obscene offer: Serbia will recognize Kosovo if we give it part of our territory, says Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj in an opinion in The Washington Post.

“Serbia wants to create an ethnically ‘pure’ state, stripping people of their citizenship and expelling them from their homes,” says Haradinaj.

According to him, Kosovo is being asked to make an impossible choice that would cheapen the sacrifice made by U.S. soldiers, undermine the stability of the region and threaten America’s allies.

“In the face of sustained attack from Serbia meant to undermine our sovereignty, security and prosperity, there are some who would like Kosovo to engage in so-called ‘peaceful’ ethnic cleansing in the Balkans. This is a shortsighted attempt to give in to a bully in the hope that the bullying will stop. We will not do this — we will instead stand up against those who would seek to take advantage of us, while simultaneously working toward a long-lasting and comprehensive peace,” says Haradinaj.

He adds that Serbia and its ally Russia have refused to recognize Kosovo’s sovereignty and fought to block the country from joining the United Nations.

“In violation of the Brussels agreement on the normalization of relations, Serbia has worked to block our path toward EU membership, as well as membership in many international organizations. Last week, our effort to join Interpol was undermined, helping organized crime and hurting internal law enforcement,” notes Haradinaj.

He believes the only answer is peace, supporting the creation of a long-term comprehensive peace deal with Serbia that addresses all political, security, economic, trade and cultural issues.

“As long as the final agreement achieves these goals and does not violate our constitution, sovereignty and territorial integrity as this ill-conceived land-trade idea would, I will support it and urge all others to do so, as well. Thinking creatively and working together, Kosovo and Serbia can move past their current disputes and insulting proposals to create a lasting peace that benefits all of our people,” concludes Haradinaj.