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Worst air pollution in Tetovo, Kicevo, Bitola, Skopje


The air pollution in Tetovo, Kicevo, Bitola and Skopje’s municipalities of Lisice and Centar is very high. Measurements conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning show presence of PM10 in Tetovo of 234 micrograms per m3, in Lisice 151 micrograms, in Centar 113, in Bitola 106 and in Kicevo 147 micrograms per m3.

Pollution index at 6 a.m. on Thursday is very high in Gazi Baba and Rector’s Office of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of PM 10 particles, and in Karpos PM 25. Centar, Karpos, Lisice, Miladinovci, Veles and Kavadarci are also above allowed PM10 level.

The allowed presence of PM10 particles is 35 micrograms per cubic meter. In case of exceeding of the daily limit value for PM10, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning recommends use of public transportation; not using vehicles if not necessary, use carpooling, not using the following materials for heating: waste oil, colored pieces of wood and furniture, PET, pieces of tires or any other synthetic material.

Ministry of Health and Institute of Public Health recommends the most vulnerable population (kids, older people, the chronically ill people with lung or heart diseases, with high risk for people with asthma), but also people working outdoors in the polluted zones of the cities to limit their outdoor activities.