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Budimka Popovska
(nun Makrina)

An old Russian folk saying: whoever fears misfortune, shall never meet fortune!

What we know is a drop, what we do not know – an ocean. Newton says so.

What we do know is mostly based on our conviction that we know what we know. The way we perceive the ocean is not necessarily identical to the ocean itself. That is how the story of our infinite perception begins.

Perception is when you are in one place, while your mind wanders to another (place).

Perception is an underground labyrinth of tunnels that lead to different doors on the surface. Ear, nose, (not throat), eye, tongue, skin. If you rush to go out for clean air through some of these doors, it would be called “scared out of my wits”.

Intuition is the sixth sense. Its perception beyond the senses. Having an intuition about something usually means to see the invisible.

Human body is a machine with five sensors. Each sensor delivers a response to a certain stimulation.

Why is it good for a man to be aware of how the process of perception works?

Because one can easily be hoaxed with an image or sound that has the power to trigger certain emotions.

Emotions are energy charge. It can be high, which makes you feel good and makes you want to maintain that condition. Love, or joy, for instance.

It can be low, usually known as syndrome of ‘being stuck’. You usually want to jump out of your own skin or at least to somehow switch it for another skin. But, as long as you ride the wave of the respective emotion, it would be impossible.

A hornet, let’s say.

Big, beautiful, irregular. Asian.

Or: listeria.

After your senses are loaded with this encyclopedic information on the intriguing hornet type which is unusual for our region, it takes away your peace. You can pretend to be cool-headed, but the information works on subconscious level. It has SUBLIMINAL mission. Your subconscious begins a large investigation.

Doubt and fear which will overflow your emotional body, similar to a taxidermy animals, will alter your perception to a point where you won’t recognize yourself. You will stop buying a piece of watermelon. And when in your favorite supermarket you will receive an explanation that “they are now forbidden to cut the watermelon in pieces”, you will peacefully buy a 20kg watermelon, since the smaller the watermelon, the bigger the risk of it being ‘unsuitable’. In terms of taste. And whatever is inside of it, is your own problem from the moment you accept the responsibility. To be deceived.

How do we defend ourselves?

By using paradoxes and tricks. Old people say: whatever is meant for you, it shall find you.

So, if I need a close meeting with an extraterrestrial programme “nano-hornet-listeria”, it will happen (what you resist will persist, regardless of the defiance and efforts to avoid it. They are seemingly two opposed variants, but actually, they are not. Subconscious recognizes no determinism, but it selects all the time. What does it select? Whatever is being offered to it.

Flu? Dream holiday? Low interest rate? Plane crash? Cheaper oil price as of tonight would suffice.

The secret principle according to which the subconscious functions is programming of the emotion.

The human being reigns his evolution when he manages to intelligently navigate with their emotional life. Emotional maturity means power to resist negative emotions by making conscious choices and free will.

Asian hornet?

No, thanks. The Nile mosquito would suffice…