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How did the eight “terrorists” become “good Europeans”?


Speaking of the eight now former members of VMRO-DPMNE in the Parliament, who voted to begin the process to amend the Constitution, party leader Hristijan Mickoski said that they are just another example of how the rule of law in Macedonia is publicly traded with, in favor of what is politically expedient.

– These people were called terrorists and murderers, but now they are declared to be “good Europeans” because at a given point their votes are needed to accomplish a goal. Meanwhile we have a person who was caught on tape asking for a bribe and he holds one of the highest offices in the country. We have a mayor who was arrested smuggling cigarettes and sentenced to just six months in prison, which he will likely serve in his home, and nobody bats an eye, Mickoski said during his interview with 1TV.

Most of the eight members of Parliament who voted in favor of opening the amendment process are charged with terrorism over the Parliament incident in 2017, or with other crimes. Some have friends or close family members who are charged and three were released from house arrest days or even hours ahead of the vote in Parliament, where they broke their election campaign promise and voted to begin the process of renaming the Republic of Macedonia.